We guarantee the successful implementation of Aeneis in your business

If you choose Aeneis, you get not only an excellent BPM tool, you also get everything that you need to insure to ensure the launch’s success.

  • All around service in technical questions about your Aeneis installation
  • Support for foundational implementation decisions
  • Training for the employees in the use of Aeneis

Selective implementation consulting

Our BPM Consulting advisors are proficient in the technical and administrative basics of Aeneis. We support you in the digital construction of your business in Aeneis and help you select the appropriate degree of abstraction. We warn you of potential stumbling blocks and offer solution strategies. We makes basic decisions easier through the reference to Best Practices.

Proven user training

We make your employees fit for the experience with Aeneis – from the basic instruction to topic-specific instruction. The training follows a concept improved over many years. Whether as a member of the BPM team, leadership or Aeneis user in the department – for all previous knowledge and learning targets, our diversified courses offer the suitable course format.

Introductory model – the roadmap for a project with a guarantee for success!

The advance model for the introduction of Aeneis is the result of our long-term experience a most diverse set of tasks. With modular, finely tuned steps, the model explains a proven method of how you can implement Aeneis and the Aeneis BPM portal efficiently and sustainably.

Help to Self-Help

Our wish is that through training and coaching to train a sense of help to self-help. To secure the “sustainability” of the measures. Choose those topics you need from our modular building blocks.

Individual roadmap

At the project kick-off, we explain our course-of-action model and the individual steps. Then we coordinate the work packets based on your business specific challenges, targets and framework.

Classified project work

Each implementation monitoring is consistently executed by us as a project. Responsibilities, tasks, appointments etc. are clearly regulated. Your dedicated contact person monitors for possible “stumbling blocks” and always keeps you on course.

Competent trainer

Your trainers are simultaneously counsellors, who are regularly involved in the projects on site. Thi way, we insure that the learned course of action is in keeping with current practices and always up-to-date.

Our Aeneis concentration courses – complementary training offeringsfor the use of Aeneis

Independent of the consulting packets of our Aeneis implementation models, we also offer the Aeneis Focal Point courses. The courses impart the central knowledge and skills in the operation of Aeneis.

The focal point if the courses lie in the functions of Aeneis with which you can master the common tasks successfully. With these courses, you can objectively build, amplify, expand and refresh your knowledge.

Get Acquainted

Beneficial BPM Consulting introductory packets and free offers to get acquainted.

BPM Consulting

Systematic guidance toward process optimization – select from our modular BPM Consulting components.

Best Practice

The DOs and DON’Ts from 25 years of experience retrievable.