Online and print publishing: visualize processes in the corporate portal and generate customized print reports

What makes the Aeneis BPM portal special:
Not only document information, but also prepare it intelligently!

Not only processes and data, but also their connections and correlations are provided and made accessible by the BPM-Portal. Employees can easily access the required information or have it displayed automatically without programming.

  • Role-specific portal views – each employee group receives a precisely defined access
  • Personal dashboard: every employee sees everything that concerns him, e.g. “own” processes, tasks, etc.
  • Customizable print reports, e.g. for process manuals, can be called up at the click of a mouse as standard
  • Intuitive report editor: create even complex evaluations simply by drag & drop
  • Automatically generated diagrams: Relationships and dependencies of processes and data at the push of a button
  • Automated organization chart creation: corporate structures and excerpts thereof at a glance

Smart, personalized BPM portal instead of pure process publication

Processes, data and their correlations are available to all employees in an intuitive interface.

Full-fledged BPM portal with smart navigation and numerous reporting options

The Aeneis BPM-Portal is the process portal for your employees. Via the portal every employee gets a simple and intuitive access to the process world of your company.

Out of the Box, Aeneis is the only tool that offers full content navigation. What does that mean? With topic-related submenus, predefined report structures and a target group-oriented display of the entire model content, the BPM portal gets the most out of your data.

The navigation of the BPM portal always leads you to the information that is relevant to you and always offers you the right views for your question.


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The dashboard of the Aeneis BPM Portal provides an integrated view of your business processes.

Focus is everything – everyone sees only what they need

Aeneis offers your users a customized tool interface so that you always have an overview.


All user groups have access to specific views in Aeneis.

Always a tidy interface

Aeneis offers a role-specific BPM portal. This means that your users only see the information that is relevant to them. The rest is hidden – automatically.

You decide how the BPM portal presents itself to your employees. For example, you can define different portal views for the following groups:

  • Readers
  • Modeler
  • Quality Manager
  • Management
  • Auditors

This has the advantage that your users always have a customized interface at their disposal. This allows your users to focus and be more productive. Because a perfectly fitting interface increases the acceptance of your BPM project.

My portal, my dashboard

Every employee has a personal dashboard with the most important information.

What I need at a glance!

The personal dashboard contains exactly those personalized views and reports that interest me as an employee:

  • My upcoming Workflow-To-Dos
  • My tasks in the processes (RACI standard)
  • My process roles
  • My documents and IT systems
  • My personal data (including editing function)
  • Comments on my processes
  • Answers to my comments

From the My Portal dashboard you can jump directly to the relevant processes, document, IT systems or any other data. Of course, you can also process your workflow tasks directly from the dashboard.


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The “My Portal” dashboard: Your employees can find the information relevant to them at a glance.

Experience process management interactively and together

Easy collaboration: Comment, discuss, review, improve and roll out processes.


Start interactive reviews in which you can exchange information about a process with several colleagues.

Roll out processes together

Collaborative process management – work out your processes together. Stable processes also thrive on feedback and suggestions for improvement from process employees and the resulting improvements.

Aeneis offers many functions for this:

  • Comment any part of the model.
  • Evaluate processes and share them with others.
  • Start controlled reviews and discuss a process with several colleagues.
  • Approve processes in a workflow-controlled manner and obtain a traceable acknowledgement after approval.
  • Manage improvement suggestions, derive optimization measures.

Anyone can work directly in the portal – at any time

With SmartEdit you can edit the content directly in the portal – easily, quickly and without training.

Who should be actively involved?

Why should only process modelers with BPMN knowledge fill the process with content?

With SmartEdit, you can also involve business departments and process experts in the ongoing maintenance and enhancement of the content.

With SmartEdit, all authorized employees of your company can maintain the desired process model data decentrally and online.

For example, you can maintain process descriptions, process responsibilities or create documents and IT systems.

Editing with SmartEdit is intuitive and self-explanatory. No training is required. You can therefore actively involve your employees directly.


Simple and direct editing of content at any point in the portal.

Powerful reporting – out of the box

Aeneis already offers you many reports when delivered.


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Live-Reports – in Aeneis können alle Anwender schnell und einfach Daten auswerten.

Aeneis gets the most out of your process model

With Aeneis you link your processes with roles, departments, employees, documents, IT systems, risks, controls, opportunities, outputs and much more master data.

But documentation alone does not unfold the benefits for you. Now it is important to view and evaluate this data in such a way that it represents added value for your company.

Aeneis offers you practical filterable views for all data of your process model, which allow you to perform complex evaluations of your process model in a few seconds.

In addition, the BPM portal offers many more reports, in which you can, for example, locate processes with a certain release status, a maturity level or missing outputs.

Various customizable print reports and process manuals are also part of the standard scope of delivery.

Drag&drop instead of coding – this is how reporting works

Reports erstellt man in Aeneis per Drag&Drop im Portal-Editor. 

Create new, custom reports in seconds

Aeneis makes it very easy for you to evaluate your model data.

The BPM portal includes an integrated report editor that allows you to create reports easily and intuitively via drag & drop. You always have full control over your data.

Create new dashboards with diagrams, matrices, evaluation tables easily and quickly. At any time, you are in control of what you do with your data.

Choose from which perspective you want to view the data cube. Any question you can formulate can also be presented with an evaluation in Aeneis. With the Aeneis report editor your data model unfolds its maximum benefit.


You can easily and intuitively create reports and evaluations yourself.

Why draw by yourself, if it can be done automatically?

Aeneis offers you an innovative technique for automatic, dynamic visualization of data relationships.


Aeneis offers out of the box the appropriate diagrams for your data correlations.

Visualizations for all contexts

With Aeneis you create a digital model of your company. You model interrelationships and dependencies of processes and data, such as systems and risks.

For example, Aeneis offers automatically generated diagrams for roles, IT systems, documents and key figures as standard.
These visualize at a glance everything worth knowing about the data. The following questions and many more are answered clearly:

  • How is the IT system networked into the process organization? Which processes would be affected by a failure?
  • What is the temporal course of the key figure values in the measurement period?
  • Which employees work in which processes via their role assignment?

The diagram technology can be extended as desired and allows countless other automatic data visualizations.

Never waste time on organizational charts again

With the automated organization chart creation of Aeneis you save time, effort and money.

Organizational charts are created automatically with Aeneis

Aeneis already offers an automatic orgranigram component as standard. As soon as you map or import the organizational plan in Aeneis, the organigram is created automatically.

There are no more mistakes, time and hassle caused by the manual creation of diagrams. And you can now also save yourself expensive tools for creating organizational charts.

As always with Aeneis, the organigram standard is also almost completely customizable according to your requirements.


With the organizational structure in Aeneis, your organigrams are created fully automatically.

The BPM portal and any print reports can be completely customized to your corporate design

Online and print

Many common file formats are available for the output of your evaluations, print reports, process manuals, etc. via browser on the intranet or as pdf print report.

Everything in your look & feel

Your individual portal solution can be completely adapted to the corporate design of your company. In this way Aeneis becomes an integral part of your company for all employees. More under Configure & Adapt.

Test the BPM-Suite Aeneis now for 1 month free of charge ‒ conveniently in the cloud without installation!

Execute & Automate

Make BPMN diagrams executable as a workflow at the push of a button.

Control & Improve

Make your processes even more customer-oriented and economical.

Connect & Integrate

The team player Aeneis can be universally connected to other systems.