Presentation via online meeting or at your site

Get a personal impression of Aeneis – you will be thrilled!

Simple and fast – The live demo via online meeting

Online meeting means sitting at the PC, making phone calls and showing each other the screen contents – completely uncomplicated via the Internet. With an online meeting, we can present Aeneis live and directly on your screen and also focus on your specific tasks.

Prepared individually – the on-site presentation!

We prepare ourselves for a personal presentation at your company. Whether you would like to gain an initial overview of Aeneis’ various service areas or wish to gain specific insights into specific tasks – we will design the live demo according to your needs.

Make a presentation appointment with us

Tell us your desired date for a live demo via screen meeting or an on-site presentation. You can use the following online form, send us an e-mail, or call us. We are looking forward to your date suggestions.

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Screen meeting via TeamViewer – all very simple and safe

All you need is a computer with a browser and an Internet connection – no installation, no configurations, no modifications on your computer. For example, no registry entries are made on your computer. This means that these online meetings are also safe in terms of data security.

Our Intellior employee will call you at the agreed time and be happy to help you set up the screen connection.

More Information about TeamViewer:

Test version

Try it on your own – get now Aeneis 30 days for free for testing.

Best Practice

The DOs and DON’Ts from 25 years of experience retrievable.


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