With BPM Consult, we offer cooperative, solution oriented BPM guidance for process optimization

Our BPM guidance for process optimization offers organizations the support they desire.

Customers who have had bad experiences especially value our consultation, because for all those who wish to complement their internal BPM Know-How with external BPM consulting, we are not only the experienced BPM specialist, but also an exceptionally fair partner.

BPM Consulting:

  • solution oriented approach for speedy success
  • fairness and transparency in partnership for trustworthy teamwork
  • Close-at-hand support during the implementation of the BPM software
  • Systematic BPM guidance for all BPM directed tasks

What does solution oriented mean?

With BPM projects, we want quick results in order to minimize the discomfort. We also want to proceed in its entirety to insure sustainability. Does that sound familiar?

Think big, start small

  • In our consultation for process optimizing, we have our eyes on the big picture.
  • We theme your most pressing challenges into our roadmap and present you with a quick solution.
  • Thereby the result is not a dead-end, but buildable, compatible with other detailed solutions and integral in the overall solution.

Why is partnership so important?

When organizations need consultation for the continuous improvement of processes, they want an experienced partner, one who will accompany them step-by-step along the way. At the same time, the organization does not want to become dependent on the counselor.

BPM-Consulting follows Company

  • …and not the other way around. You get the level of assistance that you need, and only as much as you need to complement your resources.
  • With our systematic BPM consultation components, we offer your organization assistance toward helping yourself. Choose what you need to complement your own resources.

Our BPM consultation includes both – close-at-hand assistance with implementing Aenis and systematic consultation for continuous process improvement

A successful business process management project is always built on two pillars – the secure manipulation of BPM software and a solid knowledge of the foundations of BPM themes.

Aeneis Launch

With the close-at-hand Aeneis Consulting, Intellior will support you in the launching of the BPM tool Aeneis with a proven launch model. Our procedure covers all eventualities: from technical points of installation, through fundamental course direction, to training in the use of the software.

BPM Consulting

With the systematic guidance toward process improvement, we support you in the implementation and establishment of business process management in your organization. For the individual needs of your business, we will jointly develop an individual consulting concept.

Aeneis Implementation

Our support for the successful launch of Aeneis in your organization.

BPM Consulting

Systematic guidance toward process optimization – select from our modular BPM Consulting components.

Best Practice

The DOs and DON’Ts from 25 years of experience retrievable.