Automate with ease: enrich modeled processes and start them as executable BPMN with BPM|Flow

Benefit from automated processes in just a few steps!

BPM|Flow is a new Aeneis function for executable BPMN

  • Create workflows directly in Aeneis and execute them with BPM|Flow
  • Record workflow attributes directly in the modeling
  • Start workflow directly from the Aeneis BPM portal

The workflow engine is part of the BPM suite Aeneis

BPM|Flow offers an extremely powerful human workflow solution. BPM|Flow provides all common functions for process execution and enables data exchange with running process instances via the BPMN 2.0 interface.

Additional tools and engines can be connected

Via the BPMN 2.0 interface and the REST API, Aeneis continues to enable the connection of other third-party workflow engines and tools.

Automating processes has never been easier

With BPM|Flow you can automate modeled BPMN processes with just a few clicks.


With BPM|Flow you can automate modeled processes with just a few clicks.

Aeneis 6.3 BPM|Flow Dashboard: HomeThe BPM|Flow dashboard provides a clear overview.

Aeneis 6.3 BPM|Flow Dashboard: offene AufgabenThe list of all open tasks can be structured using filters so that you can quickly find what you are looking for.

Bring your processes to life!

With BPM|Flow you enrich modeled processes with specific information and then convert them into executable workflows with just a few clicks.

BPM|Flow offers you a web-based process dashboard where you can view, manage and start all your workflows.

Important key figures about the workflows are clearly presented in a dashboard.

How digitization works!

From modeling to monitoring and improving execution, everything under one roof

The workflow engine is tightly integrated with Aeneis.

  • Workflow attributes can be added when modeling processes in Aeneis.
  • From Aeneis, a workflow can be published in BPM|Flow.
  • Workflows can also be started from Aeneis.
BPM|Flow Collage: Workflows und Dashboard
  • BPM|Flow shows “My processes” with deadlines to be met. It guarantees complete traceability and thus creates transparency, which is very helpful for escalation management.
  • A monitoring of all processes provides key figures, which are clearly prepared in a dashboard and serve as audit-proof documentation.
Aeneis-Screenshot: BPM|Flow Startbare Prozessse
  • Workflows are clearly displayed in BPM|Flow and can be started directly from the application.

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