Best Practice Processes means: You simply get the know-how that others had to work hard and fight for

Best Practice Processes from 25 years of successful project work with our clients – as an Intellior client, you profit from this enormous treasure trove of experience.

We can tell you what didn’t work in similar projects and what was successful. When you take us as experienced pilots on board, as a rule, you will save yourself much trouble with mistrials, precious time and with that much money.

Secure yourself the experience of our best practice processes:

  • established procedures and innovative solutions
  • for standard tasks and highly complex challenges
  • in all BPM areas of the entire organization
  • for all sizes businesses, from international companies to small businesses.

Best practice processes in depth and breadth – some examples of our experience with challenging tasks:

World leader chemical company

Worldwide process rollout with key data

Integration of business process management and information systems, global process harmonization through variant management, SAP integration, development of new IT process procedures in the triangle of specialty department/IT Manager/IT governance.

International trade chain

Development of a BPM vision for senior management

BPM senior management workshop, project definition, development of a BPM vision and goals, system planning, methodology training.

Operating Europe-wide in glass refinement

Execution of an integrated process and workflow solution

Workflow solution for recovery management with Xpert.Ivy, implementation of the BPM tool Aeneis as an integrated solution for process management, construction of a process portal, concept for process variants.

Active sociopolitical regional association

New implementation of a QM system for over 250 locations

Reproduction of a communal Aeneis model with dynamic web portal, system planning, process modeling, implementation accompaniment, online support, training.

Leading Europe-wide IT Distributor

Establishment of Best Practices for Processes

Continuous improvement of business processes, implementation of a process portal, construction of a process-oriented Quality Management system, multi-project planning/requisition management, process-oriented development of IT applications, and establishment of process manager.

Start-up of a telecommunications company

Development of the Business Process map

Define the procedure and modeling of the Customer Center process, task profile of the BPM software support (technical concept), accompaniment of the BPM software choice, and modeling of all other processes in the business.

Europe-wide largest manufacturer of controls

Realization of a world-wide, multilingual Business Process Management

Begin project in the German headquarters, BPM rollout at all locations, methodology, training, support, and system planning.

Internationally active auto supplier

Realization of continuous process improvement throughout all locations

Optimize processes in the cooperation across locations, system planning, online support, know-how, and training.

British financial service corporation

Execution of a corporate-wide business process optimization

Documentation for financial audits, web portal in English, system planning, modeling, online support, steps and training.

European active energy company

Development of a business process model for the entire corporation

Integration of the Internal Control Systems (ICS), compliance, system planning, training, online team support, and ICS management system planning.

Leading service provider for the process industry

Consolidation of all existing management systems

Mapping of all business areas in a common business process model, system planning, BPM tool, online support, methodology-training.

International financial provider

Development of process documentation and IKS implementation

Construction of an integrated business model, process modeling, complete process documentation with links to internal control system.

World-leading Automobile distributer

Construction of a world-wide information portal

Building a business process model, development of the conventions of modeling, building a complete information portal for business processes and employee data.

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