Intellior – the BPM solution provider for the entire business process management

Intellior GmbH is, with software and advising, one of the leading BPM solutions providers.

  • More than 25 years on the market
  • More than 1.000 clients
  • Clients of all sizes and branches, from DAX enterprises to small businesses
  • Process management solutions for all challenges and uses
  • Recognized with the highest BPM awards

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Business Process Management – software and advising from one source

the universal, professional BPM tool

Our software, Aeneis, is the universal, professional BPM tool that has been an industry pioneer for over 30 years. Today, Aeneis is the multi-recognized BPM solution with easy, intuitive operation, all-inclusive functionality and individually flexible to your enterprise.

BPM consulting:
the cooperative BPM consulting

Among the very large BPM consulting firms, Intellior GmbH is actually one of the smaller, but all the more dynamic specialist for business processes. For years, our successful BPM consulting performances have thrilled our clients, process management experts along with first-rate experts and peers from whom our projects time and again receive recognition with prestigious awards.

Our clientele list read like a Who’s Who

Over 1000 businesses of all branches and sizes – from DAX enterprises to small businesses—place their faith in Intellior. Our BPM tool Aeneis has more than 3000 modeling license and approximately 250,000 viewer licenses, worldwide is successful, daily use. Avail yourself of this expansive experience in all aspects of your own business process management projects.

We develop award-winning solutions with our customers

The Process Solution Award, which Intellior has now won for the eighth time in twelve years, is one of the most coveted awards in the industry. The award is presented by gfo Gesellschaft für Organisation e.V. As the German representative of the European Association of Business Process Management, gfo is the leading industry association in German-speaking countries.

BPM expertise in all themes and fields

Thanks to its enormous client-base, Intellior has much experience in process management is all fields and themes. In order to expand and round out the BPM consulting offer, our BPM consulting consulter can occasionally also borrow special know-how from our partners. – the BPM Partner Network is part of over 70 BPM consulting businesses and systems houses with a wide palette of thematic specialization and focused industrial experience. With this, our clients receive the best BPM solution for each industry.

More than 25 years experience

Intellior was among the BPM pioneers more than 25 years ago and today belongs, as a specialist for qualitative, high end business process management solutions, to the leading BPM solutions providers among German-speaking realms.

2015 - for the third time, 1st prize from GFO

With the first prize for the Process Solution Award from the Association for Organization (GFO), the most prestigious BPM award in the German-speaking realm goes for the third time after 2010 and 2013 to Intellior AG and one of its clients.

2014 - WebModeller, SmartModel, and SmartEdit

Complementary to the Aeneis Software—Fatclient are new web components that allow more intuitive modelling of business processes—for all target groups of the enterprise and at economic licensing conditions.

2013 - Process Solution Award

Intellior AG, with its client, Diehl AKO Stif­tung & Co. KG, wins the 1st prize of the Process Solutions Awards 2013 as the most innovative and exemplary project in the category of “Process Modeling.”

2011/2012 - Continued Unabated Growth

Top performance: for the fifth time in a row, high rates of growth of the staff, volume of sales, and objectives were achieved.

2010 - Process Solution Award

The 1st prize of the Process Solution Award goes to Intellior and Interpane Glasindustrie AG for the joint project “Process modelling and development of a work-flow management system.”

2008/2009 - Integral BPM Consulting

Intellior expands its BPM consulting to a modular system of first-rate consulting foundation blocks that competently covers the entire breadth as well as the depth of the challenges of business process management.

2007 -

Around Aeneis originates, within the German-speaking region, a one-of-a-kind partner network: highly specialized industries and themed competence for individual BPM solutions.

2005 - Owner Managed AG

Buy out of the since 2000 associated AG by the production-, consultation- and development-director of Aeneis and the founding of Intellior AG.

2002 - Technological Quantum Leap

Release of Aeneis 5, the result of a four-year continuous new development of the process management software based on modern technology.

2000 - International 1st Place

After more than two years of investigation of more than 120 German and international BPM tools, the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin awards 1st place to Intellior.

1996 - “Top 3” in the Market

BdU dispatch from the Bund Deutscher Unternehmungsberater (Union of German Business Consultants)reports that Aeneis differentiates itself commandingly from other BPM tools on the market.

1994 - First Large Client

A newly founded GmbH results in a spin-off from the Institute of the University to further develop and market the software.

1993 - Intellectual Roots

At the Institute for Business Informatics at the University of Hannover, in cooperation with Aeneis, the first BPM tools were conceptualized. From the beginning, Aeneis supports the modeling and publishing of business processes, as well as the analysis of enterprises.


20% growth and owner management and corporate culture

Since its beginning in 1993, the business has experienced an eventful, dynamic development and today has established itself as one of the leading BPM solutions providers at the top of the market.

With an average 20% growth rate in the last years, Intellior AG has performed an extremely successful business development. Around 70% of the expenditures are invested in personnel development in order to further strengthen competitiveness and the conditions for continued profit and performance growth. Further strong growth is planned for the next few years.

The shareholder structure with over 60% of the company shares owned by the executive council guarantees an owner operated business culture with consistent future orientation and further good development perspectives.

Numbers and facts

December 09, 2005 (As management buyout/Establishment of the first “Aeneis” corporation 1994)

Aeneis (Software since 1993)
BPM consulting (Consulting since 2007)

> 1.000


Selled Licences:
> 3.000 Modellierer
> 250.000 Viewer

Brand Positioning:
One of the leading BPM providers with inclusive solution approaches and integrated product portfolio, frequently recognized with awards and prizes.

Approximately 40

Approximately 3.2 million €

This is what we mean when we say
“We want to be your BPM solution provider!”

  • With software and consulting from a single source, we support you in aligning your organization in a process-oriented, customer-centric, economical and compliant manner.
  • In doing so, we can provide you with “good practices” for the entire range of your tasks, for example in strategy implementation, modeling, analysis, release, publication, implementation, improvement, auditing, compliance, automation and SAP connection.
  • The BPM Suite Aeneis thus becomes your “Operating System” for a process-oriented organization – from Digital Transformation to an effective Integrated Management System.
  • Processes simply better.
ISO 9001 Quality Management

Intell-ior = Latin: better understanding

Our firm’s name is derived from two Latin words. “Intellegere“ means “understanding, between the lines reading, to grasp.“  “Melior” means “better.” Therefore, Intellior stands for “Better understanding” and we life this slogan: Understanding organizations and their business processes, in order to always make them better and more successful.

Best Practice

The DOs and DON’Ts from 25 years of experience retrievable.


Coveted awards and commendations for exemplary Intellior Solutions.


The possibilities that Aeneis offers you throughout the processes.