Aeneis is the easy to use BPM software with maximum flexibility for all tasks and situations

The BPM tool Aeneis is one of the leading software for business processes, with top performance in all requested areas: User-friendliness, functionality, flexibility, profitability.

  • over 25 years on the market with over 1.000 customers
  • simple and intuitive to use
  • easily adapted for businesses and co-workers
  • successful implementation guaranteed

The BPM Software Aeneis is a pioneer with much practice and success

For over 25 years

In the ‘90s, software for business processes was new, and the BPM tool Aeneis was one of the pioneers.

More than 1.000 customers

With over 3.000 licensed modelers and over 250.000 viewer licenses, our BPM tool is used successfully worldwide.

All fields, all sizes

Whether international DAX corporations or small business – organizations large and small trust Aeneis.

Aeneis – the BPM software with which you can master all your tasks and situations

From QM, KVP, Analysis and Idea management, through Compliance, IT and Risk management, to business design – for all important nosiness tasks, Aeneis offers you tailored solution packages for optimizing your organization. For this purpose, the modular BPM tool consists of a software client to model and analyze and a BPM portal for publication and interaction.

Data Modeling

Data modeling made simple and intuitive – for every task an optimal modeling tool.


Contents in Business Portal targeted for employee use and individually tailored for printed reports.

Analysis / Optimization

Analysis and Optimization – examine your data modeling carefully so it will always get better.

Configuring / Customizing

With the intense flexibility of Aeneis, you can actually create a digital picture of your organization.

Import / Export

Aeneis is a team player – use all the advantages of data-exchange with associated systems.

Vastly important for the daily job: BPM software muss be easy to use

A strong characteristic of the BPM tool Aeneis is its absolute intuitive usefulness. Herewith all user groups, from management to modeler at the administrator level, can use it for their daily business easily and intuitively.

With the BPM Portal, not only can you publish and view the material, you can also work on it.

For the BPM expert, Aeneis Client is available with extensive data entry possibilities.

Think big, start small

With Aeneis, you can tackle the most pressing tasks first and quickly achieve success. Because this uncomplicated BPMN is immediately, fully functional with minimum facilitation. After the budget-saving implementation, Aeneis is always modularly upgradeable all the way to the flagship software for the comprehensive business design.

Extremely customizable

Aeneis fits itself to your organization and your employees, and not the other way around. Parametrize not only the corporate design, but the entire meta model. With a differentiated rights-management, every user gets a tailored workplace, with all his or her important information.

Most modern standards

Aeneis is standard software for business processes at the highest technical levels. It sets only marginal challenges, offers a multitude of interfaces and, thanks to future oriented standards, offers prolonged investment security. With accurately defined release plans, the BPM tool will subsequently be further developed.

Economically attractive: Your Aeneis solution grows with your requirements

Modular Installation

Aeneis consists of a software client and a BPM portal, both of which are modularly installed. Basic and modular components allow targeted expansion with additional components.

Tailored Licensing

Think big, start small – cost-effectively, you choose first the exact functionality that you need. As your challenges grow, you can infinitely expand your Aeneis solutions.

Buy or Lease

Buy, Buy on Installments, Lease or Software as a Service – Your Aeneis solution is always a budget-oriented, long-term secured investment that grows with your requirements.

Gruppe in Aeneis-Schulung

One-source software and consultation

With the BPM tool Aeneis, embedded with BPM consulting, Intellior offers a partner-like BPM counselling: both on-site Aeneis counselling all around the implementation and use of the software, as well as methodical BPM consulting to disseminate BPM know-how. You can individually call up and combine the modular BPM consulting building blocks to tailor the expansion of the resources in your organization.

Successful implementation guaranteed

Our process model for the implementation of Aeneis is the result of more than 25 years of experience, and our process model for the implementation of BPM in our businesses includes everything important about on-site support and side-by-side BPM methodology. With this roadmap, we guarantee you the successful implementation of Aeneis in your organization.

BPM solutions of the highest standards – awarded a multitude of prestigious awards

Together with our clients, we develop high-quality BPM solutions that not only meet the requirements brilliantly, but which also cause industry-wide sensation.

Process Solution Award – 1st Place

Intellior won the sought-after award from the GFO Association for Organization in 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2017, 2015, 2013, and 2010.

More than 1.000 clients place their faith in Intellior and Aeneis, the universal BPM professional tool.

Incidentally, for small project use, there is the free version BPM|Free

Full Aeneis Power

With BPM|Free, you can enjoy the full functionality of one of the foremost software for business processing (Comparable to the product line Aeneis Standard, without the Print Report Editor). The only drawback: BPM|Free can one be used with one modeler, and the BPM Portal is only accessible for three coworkers. This makes the BPM|Free a valuable BPM tool.

Zero Euro

Even with no budget, thanks to BPM|Free, you can master your small BPM challenges comfortably with the tool of the professionals – free of charge. Should you later expand to a charged Aeneis license, no data will get lost. You can always upgrade step-by-step.


The possibilities that Aeneis offers you throughout the processes.


Coveted awards and commendations for exemplary Intellior Solutions.

Telephone consultation

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