Capacity building: with our methodical BPM consulting you meet even the most complex challenges confidently

The introduction of business process management is a long-term process that requires profound changes – in order to achieve your goals easier, faster and more economically, we offer you BPM consulting for comprehensive support.

  • Holistic approach and complex method expertise
  • Pragmatic process model with many years of project experience
  • Modular consulting modules
  • Project management, workshops, coaching, supervision

We offer top-class BPM consulting for all BPM tasks

Our BPM consulting portfolio is as complex as the BPM tasks in your company. Benefit from our expertise in the application of various methods and from our many years of experience in the implementation of demanding BPM projects.

Corporate Development
Holistic business process management
Alignment of processes with strategy and customers
Establishment of a risk management system

Quality and Compliance Management
Process-oriented integration of management systems
Process orientation of the QM system
Fulfillment of compliance requirements

Improvement of process transparency and process understanding
Increasing competitiveness
Establishment of process standards
Continuous optimization (CIP, Idea Management)

Definition von Kennzahlen und KPI
Messung und Bewertung von Prozessleistungen
Transparenz der Prozesskosten

Information technology
Process orientation in software development and implementation
IT process support
Workflow automation

We develop award-winning solutions with our customers

The Process Solution Award, which Intellior has now won for the eighth time in twelve years, is one of the most coveted awards in the industry. The award is presented by gfo Gesellschaft für Organisation e.V. As the German representative of the European Association of Business Process Management, gfo is the leading industry association in German-speaking countries.

The BPM consulting process model for the introduction of BPM in your company

A key to the great success of our BPM consulting is our process model. It covers the entire business process lifecycle from BPM vision and governance to the continuous improvement process.

Structured in seven phases, it contains modular building blocks of BPM consulting for all methodical and content-related questions during the introduction of business process management in your company.

Individual roadmap

Just tell us where you may be urging action and what you would like to achieve. Then we will show you where we see the largest optimization potentials. Together with you, we develop the BPM roadmap customized for your company.

BPM consulting on demand

At every stage of your BPM introduction you can call on our methodical BPM expertise as modular services. Just select the expertise and the measures packages you need to optimally complement your company’s resources

Customized support

We make our BPM know-how available to you in a variety of ways: Project management, consulting, coaching, supervision. In this way we give your employees and teams exactly what they need to be able to perform at their best.

Team partners

Would you like methodical support for a secure start and then only selective support? Or do you want us to take over certain tasks completely for you? In any case, we fit seamlessly into your teams. – the BPM partner network

Our consultants can refer to for detailed questions on special topics or industry-specific aspects. This top-class network of consulting companies includes partners with whom we have been closely connected for many years and who work together very successfully. If required, these experts are called in with their special expertise or industry experience.

Use our BPM-Consulting for your successfull BPM Implementation in your company!

Aeneis Implementation

Our support for the successful launch of Aeneis in your organization.

BPM consulting

We support you in the launch of Aeneis with practical experience and methodical BPM know-how.

Best Practice

The DOs and DON’Ts from 25 years of experience retrievable.