Process modeling software as simple and intuitive as never before – with features that only the Aeneis BPM tool offers

Aeneis has a special position in the process modeling software market, which is also based on its extremely simple and user-friendly modeling.

Finally a process modeling software for everyone in the company

  • Experienced BPM experts who now have even more options
  • Employees of the BPM team, who are now working much more efficiently
  • Department managers who can model on their own without any BPMN knowledge
  • Department employees who can actively participate in modeling

Process modeling can be so simple, intuitive and powerful at the same time

You always have two approaches to choose from which you can use for process modeling

SmartModel und Webmodeller

SmartModel: tabular modeling

Child’s play without any previous knowledge: tabular input of process elements with automatic creation of the BPMN 2.0 diagram – especially popular with specialist departments.

You can switch between SmartModel and WebModeller at any time and combine both.

Webmodeler: graphical modeling

Intuitive and super fast: Drag and drop objects into the swimlane, the auto-layouter draws the process diagram – especially popular with power users.

An innovative combination of features that only Aeneis has …

  • Onboarding with mini-tutorials gives an introduction to basic functions
  • Intuitive modeling with drag & drop and a very powerful auto-layouter
  • Tabular process input with automatic generation of BPMN diagrams
  • Intelligent support, e.g. workflow wizard, rule check, auto-correction
  • Any adjustment of the diagrams: horizontal/vertical, colors of the process shapes …
  • Clear process interfaces make the networking of the process landscape transparent

… and many advantages for your process management

  • High acceptance by employees
  • Very large time saving compared to manual layout of the diagrams
  • Decentralized process modeling: also for BPM laymen in the business departments
  • Minimal error rate, more security and reliability
  • Digital image: Process diagrams adapt exactly to your company
  • End2End processes: navigation through the value chain becomes possible

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The Auto-Layouter arranges all elements of your BPMN diagram for optimal layout

Great time savings, intuitive operation, lower error rate, always perfect layout – your employees will love it!


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Drag & Drop … and done

No more manual layouting of diagrams! The Auto-Layouter does it for you.

You simply drag activities, events and branches into the swimlane and the Auto-Layouter draws the process diagram.

If you move or delete anything, everything will be automatically realigned.

You work much more productively

Aeneis does what you can expect from an intelligent BPM tool today: it does the “menial work” for you, so you can concentrate on the essentials.

You will reach your goal faster and become much more efficient in your daily work.

SmartModel – the easy way to quickly capture processes with automatic diagram generation

Decentralized process modeling in the departments without any BPMN knowledge is now possible.


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In seconds to your own process diagram

You enter the steps of a process into a table and SmartModel automatically creates the BPMN diagram for you. All BPMN elements are available to you, so you don’t have to do without anything.

So SmartModel lets you create process diagrams quickly and easily without any modeling knowledge.

Departments can contribute

SmartModel makes work much easier for process managers who conduct process recording workshops in the specialist departments. Because they can concentrate fully on methodology and content.

With SmartModel, process modeling is no longer an expert topic. This makes Aeneis the ideal tool for decentralized process capture by the business departments.

Unique selling point: Other BPM tools can only capture activities. Aeneis is the only BPM tool on the market with a quickmodeler that supports the entire BPMN palette. For example, SmartModel can also be used to model branches and intermediate events.

More swimlanes, changing alignment, visualized additional information, customizable shapes …

Thanks to its flexible customizability, Aeneis allows you to get the most out of your BPMN diagrams.


Almost limitless customization

If a diagram according to the BPMN standard is not sufficient for your purposes, you can extend the process diagrams almost unlimitedly.

For example, set up additional swimlanes for e.g. IT systems and display additional documents or risks. You can easily adapt the colors and shapes of the process shapes to your needs.

If required, you can switch the display of the swimlanes between horizontal and vertical. And if you wish, you can use the property visualization to display all information directly on the shape.

BPMN rule check with correction suggestions at the push of a button or optional auto-correction

With Aeneis, your BPMN diagrams are always compliant with the rules.

Own rules with a few clicks

Aeneis supports the BPMN 2.0 standard and knows the rules of notation.

Whenever you want, Aeneis checks your process diagram for possible errors and makes suggestions for corrections if necessary – one mouse click is enough. You can also activate the auto-correction function and Aeneis corrects as a completely independent system.

You can even add your own rules to these standard BPMN rules. For example, do you want to ensure that every process without exception has an output? Then simply create this additional rule – it only takes a few seconds.


Model end-to-end processes from customer to customer

Make process interfaces and interrelationships transparent, navigate easily through the value chain.


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Model End2End processes

With Aeneis, processes can be precisely delimited from one another, and defining the interfaces is very easy. By connecting the processes with their respective predecessor and successor processes, you get a networked process landscape.

In the BPM portal, your employees can easily navigate through the company’s value chain.

Networking of processes becomes transparent

This networking of the process landscape fulfills the core task of business process management: making processes transparent in their interaction.

Aeneis makes this knowledge available to all employees involved. In this way, each individual can become active in a coordinated manner as part of the whole.

Test the BPM-Suite Aeneis now for 1 month free of charge – conveniently in the cloud without installation!

Share & Collaborate

Publish content company-wide via the BPM portal and create print reports.

Execute & Automate

Make BPMN diagrams executable as a workflow at the push of a button.

Control & Improve

Make your processes even more customer-oriented and economical.