Intellior has been developing first rate BPM solutions for years – recognized with the highest awards in the branch

Our very successful BPM solutions have for many years impressed not only our customers. They have also consistently been awarded renowned prizes from respected juries and experts.

  • “International 1st Place from 170 BPM tools” says a study from the Hochschule Berlin in 2000
  • Process Solution Award 2010, 2013, 2015 and 2017, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 always 1st place as an “exemplary project”
  • Aeneis user is 1st BPM Master
  • “Best of 2015” innovation award IT at the initiative Small Firms

Process Solution Award 2022: 1st place

Together with Ottobock SE & Co. KGaA, intellior AG won the Process Solution Award 2022 (PSA) of the Gesellschaft für Organisation e.V. (gfo). After six PSA titles in the categories of process orientation, process management and process modeling, this is the second time that an intellior solution has received first prize in the category “good overall solution for digital transformation and digitized business processes”.

The award-winning project “Implementing IT/BPM Strategy Across the Group – Managing and Digitizing Processes in a Validated Environment” is a particularly successful example of how an enterprise architecture management initiative anchored in the corporate strategy can help achieve long-term corporate goals. The initiative, implemented with intellior AG and its BPM suite Aeneis, forms the basis for process-oriented requirements analyses, variant management, harmonization and standardization, and the establishment of an Integrated Management System.

The Aeneis project was rated by the independent and top-class jury as exemplary in all assessment dimensions:

  • Strategic importance of the project within the company.
  • Consistent application of methods of business process management.
  • Generating acceptance among the employees concerned.
  • Proven economic and / or qualitative benefit of the project result.

Process Solution Award 2021: Intellior and Döhler GmbH take 1st place

In collaboration with our customer Döhler GmbH, a leading global manufacturer of food additives headquartered in Darmstadt, intellior AG took first place in the Process Solution Award 2021. The award recognizes the implementation of a role model for process-oriented digitization at Döhler GmbH within the evaluation category: Digital Transformation and Digitized Business Processes.

Process Solution Award 2020: Aeneis wins 1st place

Together with our customer, Christoph Kroschke GmbH, intellior AG and its BPM suite Aeneis were awarded first place in the Process Solution Award 2020 in the category “Process-Oriented Integrated Management Systems / GRC” for the BPM project “From BPM Tool to Integrated Management System – it was the right decision for living processes and GRC”.

gfo-Award 2020: intellior AG und Kroschke GmbH

Process Solution Award 2019: 1st Place

Along with our customer, Bayer AG, intellior AG won the 1. prize of the Process Solution Award 2019 in the category „prozess management“. The Aeneis project „myBPM“ of Bayer AG was rated by the independent and top-class jury as exemplary in all assessment dimensions.

Process Solution Award 2019

Process Solution Award 2017: 1st Place

Intellior AG wins along with the VR Bank Kaufbeuren and Ostallgaeu eG the Process Solutions Award 2017. With this, the award from the Association of Organization (gfo) on Intellior. The top-class jury selected the BPM solution from the VR Bank as the “most innovative and exemplary project” in the category “Process Modeling.”

Process Solution Award 2015: 1st Place

Intellior AG, along with Infraserv GmbH & Co., Hoechst KG and ProzessPartner win the Process Solutions Award of the Association for Organization (gfo). The BPM project behind the integrated management system “PRISMA” at Infoserv was continuously supported with the software solution Aeneis and was distinguished with the 1st Place award from the jury of gfo as the most innovative and exemplary project in the category of “Process Oriented Solution.”

Innovation Award IT: Best of 2015

With the Innovation Award IT, the initiative Small Firms was awarded for innovative IT solutions and high usefulness for small firms: “The strategy and performance management from (Intellior AG?) convinced the jury exceptionally and thereby belongs to the forefront of all entries received.”

Process Solution Award 2013: 1st Place

Intellior AG won 1st Place in the Process Solution Award 2013 with a BPM project with Diehl AKO Stiftung & Co. KG, along with their clients. The jury for the Association of Organization e.V. (gfo) selected this BPM solution, which was continuously supported by the software Aeneis and accompanied by consultation from Intellior, as the most innovative and exemplary project in the category for Process Modelling: “The businesses receive the award for an extensive BPM project, whose core business goal, including the continuous optimization of the business process, is the world-wide establishment of standards, the coordination of regulations, the global exchange of knowledge, as well as the establishment of transparency and the reduction of complexities to support the integration of all management systems in BPM.” hnet.

2011: Aeneis Operator is the 1st German BPM Champion

The first German Business Process Management Championship selected Jennifer Gordina D’hom from the DER Touristik GmbH in an exciting finale. The consultant for process management and enterprise architecture management (EAM) at Rewe uses the BPM tool Aeneis. The competition was organized by Metasonic AG, Prof. Aylet Komus from University Koblenz, the Denkfabrik agency and the magazine Computerwoche.

Process Solution Award 2010: 1st Place

The Association for Organization, in the scope of the largest convention for BPM software solutions in the German-speaking region awarded the 1st Place of its Process Solution Award to Intellior AG and the Interpane Glasindustrie AG. The joint project “Process Modelling and Development of a Workflow Management System” was recognized as the most exemplary process management project for its degree of innovation and concrete use.

Fraunhofer Institute IAO: Market Study Business Process Management Tools 2008

The Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering delivered a research-based acknowledgement for the preference of Aeneis: “Aeneis based upon BPMN. The tutorial, the intuitive operability and useful pre-configuration make the entry easy, in order to be quickly productive with the tools. Lastly, the open interface and the quick generation of individual views of the model information makes Aeneis flexible, to master multiple operational settings.”

First BPM Shootout Event 2006: Aeneis Clear Overall Winner

At the BPM Vision, the most important conference for process management software, leading BPM tools faced off in direct live comparison for the public and an expert jury. Within 20 minutes, a process flow chart had to be developed and a larger sub-process had to be detailed – all viewable on a large screen. Aeneis won four of the five tasks and was chosen as a clear overall winner by the public evaluation and the jury vote.

HTW Berlin, 2000: Of 170 International BPM Tools 1st Place

The University for Applied Science and Economics Berlin (HTW) in a two-year study investigated 170 BPM tools for modelling, analysis, and formation of organizational structures. Among all the German and international software products, Aeneis persevered as the winner.


Research Title: Innovative through Research

For exceptional engagement in research and development, Intellior AG was award the title “Innovative through Research.” The Stifterverband is one of the largest private scholarship sponsors in Germany. Beside its engagement for young academics, excellent universities and quality research, it is also responsible for study and evaluation of the German research and innovation system.

Software Made in Germany: Certification 2017

Intellior and Aeneis received certification from the Federation of IT Small Business as a German product, through and through. 100% Quality: The software is developed and tested in Germany. User interface and operating instructions are multilingual, or German. 100% Service: Contact person, Sales and Marketing, Service and Training contacts, as well as telephone hotlines are available in Germany and in the German language. 100% Future: The further development of the software in contractually guaranteed, compatible and will be investment secured in the future.