Control and improve processes – the BPM|Suite Aeneis can be expanded modularly to become your company’s operating system

Aeneis offers powerful tools that allow you to extend your BPM solution as you wish:

  • Additional functions that significantly expand the range of services offered by Aeneis
    and make your work even more efficient.
  • Solution components, with which you can solve many important tasks in your company
    mastering in a process-oriented way.

Analyse processes and optimise your business model: Aeneis offers extensive functions for this purpose

Assistant Workflows

Workflows with freely designable wizard masks for creating content. Read more.

Collaboration Package

Involvement of employees through review, evaluation, comment and awareness functions. Read more

Extended Approval Workflow

Individual design of approval workflows.

Process Analysis

Analysis of the processes in terms of times, weaknesses and responsibilities. Read more

Variant Management

Comparison of objects of the enterprise model and direct adoption of, for example, properties. Read more

Variant Comparison

Variant comparison: Compare objects and versions and easily track changes. Read more

Process Cost Calculation

Recording of process costs with evaluation of various key figures. Read more

CIP/Idea Management

Creating process improvements and deriving measures. Read more

Data Protection (GDPR)

Legally compliant implementation of the GDPR requirements. Read more

Process-oriented ISMS

Map process-oriented, legally compliant IT security strategy. Read more

ICS/Risk Management

Definition, linking and evaluation of process risks including risk control matrix and heat map. Read more


Track and log all changes to meet internal and regulatory requirements. Read more

Audit Management

Preparation, implementation and follow-up of internal and external audits. Read more

Management Handbook

Recording of process costs with evaluation of various key figures. Read more

Strategy Management

Process-oriented implementation of the corporate strategy including balanced scorecard. Read more

The Assistant Workflow standardizes the creation of objects and makes it easy for everyone


Guided to new objects – for example, create processes according to a specific sequence.

The Assistant Workflow: enter content, click “next”, done.

  • If you want certain model objects to be created or maintained in a uniform way, the best way is to use the Assistant Workflow.
  • When configuring the Assistant, you not only determine the individual steps and the contents to be entered. You can also define who should contribute individual contents.
  • The Assistant Workflow is a series of editing windows with input fields that you can configure and through which the user simply “clicks”.
  • Notes and instructions can be displayed at any point.
  • This step-by-step guidance makes it possible even for employees without any further knowledge to enter even the most complex content in a standardized manner.

Collaboration Package: comment and rate – get valuable feedback from your employees

Actively involve all company employees in the process management:

  • The knowledge of your employees is worth its weight in gold. Collect input on processes, for example with the comment function.
  • Make comments very easily – even without modeling knowledge.
  • See at a glance in the process diagram which elements have been commented on how often.
  • Strengthen your corporate culture by promoting professional discussions.

Use the commentary function to exchange information about processes with your employees.

Process Analysis: Gain valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your processes


The process analysis reveals weaknesses and strengths of the processes.

Analyze processes and arrive at the optimal process

With this analysis function you can record the basic data of your processes. The analysis report provides information on optimization potentials. Take the right measures on this basis.

  • Analyze your process and discover optimization potential.
  • Gain valuable information about error rates, throughput times, waiting times and added value.
  • Use the detailed process analysis report with presentation of the critical indicators as a basis for optimization.
  • Increase the productivity of your value chain with detailed findings.

Variant Management: Control variants of processes and adapt process models

Multiple process variants? No problem – simply compare and adjust!

  • Work with master processes and transfer properties to other process variants with a click.
  • Changes are visible online in WebModeller.
  • As soon as a new version of the master process is released, all affected modelers receive an info.
  • The changes can be applied in table form or directly in the diagram.

Variant management allows you to create and manage variants in a systematic and manageable way.

Variant Comparison: compare objects and version statuses with each other and easily track changes


With the variant comparison you can quickly check the status of objects.

What has changed? Just compare!

  • With the variant and version comparison you have an overview and can compare objects with each other.
  • Compare versions of an object, or two objects, or even two process variants.
  • Compare entire diagrams with each other.
  • All changes are prepared in a structured way and highlighted in color.
  • Good traceability of changes during the development of complex processes in a team or when introducing a new process version.

Process cost calculation: Finally cost transparency! Keep control over the costs of your processes

Your costs under control. Determine the actual costs of your processes. Control your costs and identify potential savings.

Use the information from the modeling to calculate your costs: You carry out the activity-based costing with information from the modeling. With its help, the actual costs of your business processes are determined in a two-step procedure. Your advantage: Full cost transparency across all processes.

  • Re-engineer the cost-driving processes or tasks to minimize unnecessary expenses.
  • You create transparency about the costs of each individual process.
  • Perform short-term ROI analyses.
  • Use the what-if analysis to identify optimization potentials.
  • Export the important results to Excel with a click and further process them graphically.

Determine the actual costs of your processes with activity-based costing.

CIP / Action Management: Collect valuable ideas and know-how from your employees as a basis for key decisions


With the Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) ideas and suggestions for improvement are quickly recorded.

Your employees live the processes – day after day. Who knows the potential for improvement of a process better than the person carrying it out? The knowledge of your employees is valuable – use it!

Collect, structure and secure all optimization measures within the scope of improvement projects. In doing so, you will discover the weak points and sources of error in your process model. This enables you to take appropriate measures and continuously optimize processes.

  • Introduce efficient improvement management in your company.
  • Bundle and manage all improvement ideas from the employees’ perspective.
  • The possibility to influence shows appreciation to the employees.
  • Optimize your process model based on the really relevant input.

Data Protection / GDPR: Are you prepared for the new GDPR? The Aeneis application component creates transparency and overview

With the Data Protection/GDPR you successfully implement the requirements of the basic data protection regulation (GDPR).

  • Completely document and manage all processing activities in a directory in an audit-proof manner.
  • Technical and organizational measures (TOMs) are stored as master data and can be extended according to customer requirements.
  • Do you receive inquiries from affected parties? Answer them systematically by assigning the persons responsible.
  • Perform a systematic risk assessment for each processing activity, visualized in a risk matrix.
  • A data protection impact assessment (DSFA) is generated on the basis of the criteria according to Article 35.
  • Aeneis will then monitor the status of your processing activities in an audit-proof manner and inform the responsible persons and data protection officers. The data protection processes of verification obligations and reports to the authorities are linked and analyzed.
  • E-mails are configured and sent depending on the workflow status.

Successfully implementing the requirements of the new basic data protection regulation (GDPR) with the Data Protection / GDPR.

ISMS (ISO27001): Ease your creation and coordination efforts for audits and certifications according to ISO27001:2013


The application component for process-oriented information security management according to ISO27001:2013, includes a process-oriented risk method, statement of applicability, management report and catalogs for a quick start.

With the ISMS the information safety representative and the information security organization are supported in the best possible way with all tasks.

  • User-friendly navigation for ISB, auditor and specialist department facilitate daily work.
  • The information security objectives are maintained and versioned paperlessly in Aeneis.
  • Use of the process-oriented risk method or company-specific adaptation of IS protection goals, occurrence probabilities, effects.
  • Those responsible for the process can see at a glance the current risk assessment in color scales and heat maps and the measures taken.
  • Paperless release of the Statement of Applicability and printout for the auditor to take away: in Aeneis, the maintained information can be used properly.
  • The included catalogs for threats, vulnerabilities and risk scenarios make risk analysis of assets much easier.
  • Dependencies and responsibilities become visible through graphical representation of the process map and ISMS organization.
  • A management report shows the status of risks and measures, top 5 risks and compares the threat situation of the processes.

ICS / Risk Management: Are the risks in your processes under control? Keep a cool head with Aeneis

Better to play it safe.

  • You should have your risks under control. Aeneis supports you with the ICS/Risk Management component.
  • The heatmap on the homepage shows you immediately which risks and processes you need to keep a close eye on.
  • Identify risk potential in order to directly contain emerging risks.

]The heatmap and risk table show risks and control measures.

Audit Trail: Keep the overview and track all changes to objects in the database


With Audit Trail, Aeneis stores detailed information about all changes.

The tool for tracking all changes.

  • The audit trail stores an extensive history with details of all changes in the database.
  • Logging of the changes in a clearly arranged table.
  • Support also for internal and external audits.

Audit Management: Stress-free through your audits – plan the preparations and control necessary actions

This application component optimally supports your audits from planning to execution.

  • Publication of audits with user rights.
  • Wizard for defining the corrective actions resulting from the audits (with assignment of affected model objects).
  • Corrective actions are automatically distributed to the responsible person via e-mail (Outlook); the forms for processing the corrective actions are automatically generated and automatically stored in the web report
  • Automatic suggestion of effectiveness tests by deposited deadlines.
  • Audit-proof use in the company.
  • Archiving of completed audits.

Audit Management enables you to successfully pass internal and external audits.

It can be so easy to meet internal and external requirements

With Aeneis you only need one tool for a process-oriented, integrated management system.


An integrated, process-oriented management system – with Aeneis you will reach your goal.

With Aeneis certificates become a by-product

Aeneis always offers you an integrated view of your processes. You can focus on the process design. With the help of Aeneis, you always have an eye on the topics of quality management, occupational safety and environmental management.

With Aeneis you build a central, process-oriented, dynamic and integrated management system. Aeneis always sets your central process model in relation to your standard systems and regulations.

The result is a dynamic, daily updated, process-oriented, integrated management system.

The system is available to your employees in the BPM portal and can be called up at any time. Your auditors will love it!

Strategy management: Planning and implementing the right strategy is essential for your success

Align your strategies process-oriented

  • Establish effective action management and strategic control on the operational process level.
  • All processes flow into the development of strategic measures.
  • Monitor performance via the balanced scorecard.

Plan and control your strategic measures in the management cockpit.

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