Aeneis is a team player – use all the advantages of data exchange with neighboring systems

A range of standard interfaces is available for exchange with many common neighboring systems.

  • Import of process data from other systems
  • General connection and programming interfaces
  • Specific connection of adjacent systems
  • Further interfaces on request

Any third-party systems can be connected at low cost Many connectors available

Many connectors available

We already offer a wide range of connectors for the most common systems. If you need an interface to other systems, we will be happy to create connectors according to your specifications.

New connectors can be created cheaply

Since various exchange formats – such as for MS Excel tables, SQL databases or web services – are already available, the special features of your third-party system can usually be taken into account with a manageable service effort.

The Aeneis standard interfaces at a glance:

Transfer of Visio (based) processes

A transfer of (Microsoft) Visio processes or Visio-based processes (ViFlow, etc.) to Aeneis is possible.

Transfer of ARIS processes

An import of (IDS/Software AG-) ARIS processes to Aeneis is possible (see info sheet for more details)

API interface

Open and documented programming interface for connecting applications to Aeneis.

MS-Excel interface

For import and export of “mass” data via MS-Excel and for data and translation maintenance in Excel.

Web Service / CSV Interface

For communication with external systems through XML-based messages via Internet-based protocols.

LDAP- Interface

For automated synchronization of LDAP ADS content.

NDS-LDAP interface

For connection of NDS systems.

External systems DB connector

For connecting databases from other software applications.

BPMN 2.0 interface

For transferring BPMN 2.0 processes from Aeneis to any workflow engine.

MS-Sharepoint interface

Connection to Microsoft sharepoint servers or online services.

d3 interface

For the connection of your document management of d.velop.

WebAnalytics interface

Anonymized statistics on the use of the BPM portal.

SAP SolMan 7.2

Always uniform process and data model with high utility value through bidirectional exchange with SAP SolMan 7.2. Increase the SolMan treasure by visualizing your SAP data in the BPM tool and reusing it in many projects.

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msgFIT for S/4HANA

msgFIT from our partner msg Treorbis and Aeneis jointly provide the basis for your S/4HANA migration. msgFIT creates a high level of process transparency in your current SAP system through automated, tool-supported analyses and Aeneis supports the remodelling.

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Always uniform process and data model with high utility value through bidirectional exchange with SAP SolMan 7.2

Raise the SolMan treasure by visualizing your SAP data in the BPM tool and using it in many projects

  • Fetch the complete solution documentation from Solution Manager 7.2 into Aeneis. Benefit from the extensive best-practice process models / SAP reference models and further information from Solution Manager.
  • Also transparency about SAP roles, actually called transactions and access authorizations in the BPM tool. Always up-to-date models on both sides through bidirectional exchange.
  • Use the interface if you are starting a migration project, want to re-document your SAP system, or simply want to place the Solution Manager process models next to your existing process models.
  • Enrich the process landscape as you wish. Obtain a uniform process model in the company for all aspects important to the company such as goals, strategies, standards, etc. Create the basis for mastering a wide range of application scenarios around process management (idea management, CIP, risk management, …)

Schematic representation of the use of SAP data in the BPM tool through bidirectional exchange via the Aeneis-SolMan interface.

A strong duo: Aeneis and msgFIT as the basis for S/4HANA migration

Aeneis highlights for the introduction and migration to S/4HANA

  • Bidirectional exchange between SAP Solution Manager 7.2, SAP Organization Management and Aeneis (processes, transactions, tests, roles, organizational units, positions, …).
  • Full integration of creation and change functions from SAP Solution Manager (native synchronization).
  • Via intelligent synchronization, all business process levels modeled in Aeneis are also available in SAP, with mutual links.
  • Synchronization of all objects of the SAP Solution Manager solution documentation without multiple Pflegeaufwand.
  • Simple data transfer to Aeneis through flexibly expandable categories, attributes and enormously flexible evaluation of all data.
  • Extremely productive smart modeling of BPMN diagrams with auto-layout and selectable display variants.


  • Automatic organization chart creation.
  • Support of an effective test management.
  • Facilitated Identity Access Management.
  • Directly usable and customizable online onboarding functions to introduce users to the functions.
  • Directly usable good practices, widely customizable to specific requirements.
  • Executable automated BPMN processes with BPM|Flow and flexible workflows for capture/assistance, review and approval of processes in Aeneis.
  • Scalable functionality via application components, which can be expanded modularly from IMS to workflow to strategy management, depending on requirements and maturity level.

How do companies manage the migration to SAP S/4HANA? Read more about the out-of-the-box migration offer from Intellior and msg treorbis at

WebAnalytics: Evaluate the usage statistics of your BPM portal and gain valuable insights

Insights into portal usage

Comprehensive and flexibly configurable evaluations of all user accesses to the BPM portal: Web analytics provide you with valuable knowledge about various access statistics. With a single click, you receive this information in an attractive graphic format.

  • Would you like to know which pages in your BPM portal are most or least visited? Would you like to see how long a visitor stays on a page on average or which pages attract the most visitors?
  • You can obtain these and other evaluations of user statistics with WebAnalytics.
  • Especially exciting: The real-time visitor counter shows how many visitors are currently logged in to the portal.
  • All data is anonymous and cannot be directly assigned to your employees.

WebAnalytics dashboard with interesting data on user behavior.

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