Thanks to the enormous flexibility of Aeneis, you can actually create a digital image of your company

No other BPM tool can be better adapted to the individual requirements of your company than Aeneis – without programming!

Out-of-the-Box comprehensive best practices

For most modeling tasks Aeneis already offers a suitable element in its meta model. As a result of more than 25 years of experience with more than 1,000 customers, a well thought-out logic for organizational design is available for you. Visualizing companies made easy!

Configuration instead of programming

If you need something special for a special application, you can modify an element from the meta model accordingly or create a new element from scratch. This page shows you how easy this is and what other options you have.

100% customizability with 0% coding

Aeneis becomes the digital image of your company – from the process levels to the organizational structure.

A tool that fits perfectly! Now and in the future

You can tailor Aeneis to your company and your very specific requirements.

You define the metamodel of your BPM software. What does that mean?

You can freely extend Aeneis with any object types and object properties. Want an example?

One day you decide that you also want to link work tools, projects or legal entities to processes. Then you can extend the data structure with these object types in just a few minutes using drag & drop and equip them with any properties you like.

Now, for example, after a few minutes, you can specify by customizing which work equipment is required in the processes.

And best of all: You can do all this yourself. Completely without programming.


By drag & drop you can create new object types or adapt existing ones.

In the metamodel, you define the building blocks with which you digitally recreate your company


You adapt the meta model of your enterprise model in the schema management.

Schema management is the tool you use to define the metamodel, i.e. the basic structure and logic of your enterprise model.

  • How many levels is the organizational structure of your company divided into and what are the names of the various roles and positions? In the schema administration, you can make all these specifications yourself, as well as add and change them at any time.
  • Which objects do you need to visualize processes and which attributes should these objects have? This is also easy to define yourself in the schema administration. You are spared the usual and often expensive customization programming.
  • For example, would you like an entry date to be created for your employees? Then configure a date field for the employee object with a few clicks. Done.

In the schema administration you adapt the meta model of your enterprise model .

The Shape Editor is the tool you use to create even individual drawing objects yourself.

  • Aeneis offers you a comprehensive and well-structured library of graphic symbols and geometric shapes.
  • When you define the appearance of your modeling objects the first time you set up Aeneis, simply use this library.
  • If you need additional graphics and shapes, you can easily create them yourself using the Shape Editor.
  • Your individually created shapes will automatically become part of your library, they are update-proof and are available in all areas of Aeneis.

In the Shape-Editor you can design new shapes and forms quickly and easily.

The Assistant Workflow standardizes the creation of objects and makes it easy for everyone


Guided to new objects – for example, create processes according to a specific sequence.

The Assistant Workflow: enter content, click “next”, done.

  • If you want certain model objects to be created or maintained in a uniform way, the best way is to use the wizard workflow.
  • When configuring the wizard, you not only determine the individual steps and the contents to be entered. You can also define who should contribute individual contents.
  • The wizard workflow is a series of editing windows with input fields that you can configure and through which the user simply “clicks”.
  • Notes and instructions can be displayed at any point.
  • This step-by-step guidance makes it possible even for employees without any further knowledge to enter even the most complex content in a standardized manner.

Design a BPM portal with Aeneis that fits you perfectly!

Structure, corporate design and evaluations can be customized according to your specifications – completely without programming.

The Aeneis BPM Portal offers all the dashboards, views and reports you need as standard. With the help of the navigation, you can target all your data and visualizations and call up exactly the view that is currently required in your application.

You want to extend the standard with your use cases? No problem. The entire navigation, the views, evaluations and dashboards can be customized by you.

The BPM-Portal offers a portal configurator with which you can extend your portal with additional views or adapt the existing views and evaluations in a few minutes.

Without programming – simply by drag & drop!


Aeneis 6.3 BPM-Portal Startseite individuellThe BPM-Portal can be customized as desired.

Conclusion: Aeneis adapts to your company, not vice versa!

Aeneis speaks the language of your company

  • You adapt the structural setup of Aeneis 1:1 to your company reality.
  • For the various roles and positions you use exactly the terms that are customary in your company.
  • In this way, your employees will quickly find their way around without the need for extensive training.

Aeneis has your typical look & feel

  • Graphic elements that have been developed over the years in the departments can simply be transferred to Aeneis.
  • This significantly accelerates the familiarization with the use of Aeneis.
  • You also reduce the risk of misinterpretations and misunderstandings.

Aeneis conquers employees’ hearts

  • Especially customers who have previously worked with a different BPM tool are enthusiastic about the flexibility:
  • Aeneis has already met with great acceptance in the departments during modeling and implementation.
  • In daily use, Aeneis helps to ensure that process orientation is actively lived by everyone.

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